Screenshot from Ryeowook’s “The Little Prince” music video.

ELF CAN. It’s short for ELF Canada. It’s also a part of our motto “ELF can do anything.”

Hi! Welcome to the ELFCANada website! This website is dedicated to Super Junior fans in Canada, but it’s also for fans all over the world.

If you’re a part of the ELF family, let’s share our love for Super Junior together! Leeteuk, the leader of Super Junior, once said, “It’s not an END, but an AND”. To me, what makes Super Junior different from any other artists I’ve ever known is their love for fans. They thank ELF countless times, whether it’s just a simple thank you speech or a song dedicated just for ELF. Super Junior is still going strong today, so let’s keep on supporting them.

If you’re a curious person who happens to stumble by this page and you have no idea who or what the heck an ELF is, first of all, welcome. ^^ Second, let me explain a little bit on what an ELF is. And no, it’s not that magical creature with pointy ears. An ELF is short for Everlasting Friends; it’s the fandom name of a K-Pop group called Super Junior. So I know what your question is. Who the heck is Super Junior and how come I have never heard of such a name? Well, Super Junior is a Korean boy group that has been active since the year 2005. They’ve released songs of various genres (yes K-pop itself is divided into different genres) such as dance, ballad and trot. The group has 13 members, but they have two more members who are a part of the group’s sub-unit called Super Junior M (Mandarin). So that makes 15 of them. Each of the members have distinctive personalities and talents. They got to do countless activities as solo artists and as a group altogether, from hosting variety shows to acting in drama series and musicals to composing music to modeling for Korean and international brands.

But most importantly, Super Junior is known as the Kings of K-Pop. Why? Well, it’s because they’ve won a long list of awards based on their music and solo careers. You might have heard or watched the music video called “Sorry Sorry”,which was released back in the year 2009. Well, ever since that masterpiece came out, their popularity skyrocketed from Korea to other parts of Asia and then literally to many other countries.

Are you still here? Well, I might have to stop here,because I don’t want this to be a 5000 word post. Instead, it would be wonderful if you stick around with this website, because we will be posting stories from ELF all over the world based on their experiences with Super Junior from concerts, events, first encounters with the group’s music, and anything else. So, I would like to thank you for being on this journey with me. Stay tuned for more posts!


Head admin,

Michele Hii.

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Henry’s Birthday Project 2017 (Credits goes to Strings-K on Twitter!)

Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting for a while! We all have been busy with school, work and other stuff. I bet that we all are also looking forward to Super Junior’s comeback this year!


Anyway, I’m excited to announce that ELFCANada will be participating this birthday project for Henry! One of the admins have found the post from Strings-K on Twitter, and so we thought that this would be perfect to not only show support to Henry, but also to make us Canadian ELF be recognized by Super Junior. I know that Super Junior has traveled to many parts of the world, but they haven’t had a Super Show, a fan meet or any idol activities in Canada. So I hope that when Henry receives the project, he will know that there are ELF in Canada rooting for him and the rest of Super Junior.

So here are the details of the project:


Since I sent an email to the admin of the project late, I can only tell you that messages and fan arts for Henry can be only sent through the email address as shown in the third picture above (stringsk143@gmail.com).

If you have any questions, please feel free to tweet us @ ELFCANada (ELFCANada15) or email us @ elfcan15@gmail.com.

We look forward to be a part of this project! We also hope that Henry will like his birthday gift as well! 🙂

P.S. The other two donation projects (Indo_ELFs’ SuJu Comeback project and 3rd School in Africa project- see previous posts on site!) are due very soon too! So please don’t forget to donate if you’re interested!

Head admin,

Michele Hii.

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Project- Save Dara’s Life

As a fan of Super Junior and an ELF, the community is quite big and we tend to meet a lot of new people! But it has come to our attention that one of our fellow ELFs needs all the support she can receive.


Dara Kozenko

Russian ELF Dara Kozenko (38) has been struggling with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis her whole life, a disorder that affects her joints and leaves her unable to walk. As a grown woman, Dara is completely confined to the walls of her home and is only able to move with the difficulty of crutches. As her condition continues to deteriorate, the only option for her is to undergo surgery or amputate her legs. Dara still has a bright future ahead and her most cherished dream is to get rid of the pain and have a good night rest. Despite the suffering and ordeals Dara undergoes, she is still a cheerful person. Not too long ago, like many others who are reading, Dara fell in love with Korean and is keen on the language, music, and culture. She dreams of going to Yesung’s concert and being free of this disease that has deprived her of a normal life.


So, how are you able to help? First and foremost we ask of you to please read more about Dara’s situation and learn more about what she is going through. We would greatly appreciate if you could spread the word by reposting and liking posts related to this. Lastly, if you are able, we would be extremely thankful if you could donate money and help look for clinics so Dara will be able to receive surgery. Thank you for listening and please spread the word (SHARE, LIKE, RETWEET, REBLOG, etc) so we can help Dara, anything is greatly appreciated!

Dara’s Twitter

Dara’s Instagram

Dara’s VK Blog

Dara’s Email


Emily (Elfnim9)

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Canada Joins Africa! (3rd school building project)

SJ Charities project

Hi Hi! How are you all doing?

I’m happy to announce that ELFCANada will be joining the latest project under SJ Charities, which is the building project of the third school in Africa! 😀 I’m sure you’ve seen tweets or articles about schools built in Africa under the name Super Junior.

Example: Article from the year 2015

I’m so proud of those who have participated in the previous projects for a good cause! And now, Canadian fans have the chance to be a part of this all new school building project! More kids in Africa will be educated, and the school will be built as a tribute to Super Junior’s 12th anniversary! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

So! What can you do to help? You can donate whatever amount you want, but do remember that the deadline for this project is in October (official deadline will be announced very soon). Further details will be posted soon!

Spread this to other ELF in Canada and around the world! ^^

Head admin

Michele Hii

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What our heart is made for?

What our heart is made for?

Quick poem written by Michele Hii.

Your heart is made

to love

to support

to cherish

to encourage

to energize

to care for

to inspire

to sacrifice for

to live for

Super Junior

I know that the fandom is so messed up recently, but I want to remind you all that we as ELF have to remain loyal to Super Junior. Whatever decision they’ve made, that’s the decision they are after. Whether we like it or not, we need to support them wholeheartedly. Super Junior has sacrificed so much. They’ve tried their best to hold their ground. Their comeback is coming, so we have to give everything we got to remind them that we are still here to support them. I’m not forcing you, I’m encouraging you. Can you look back and count how many challenges they’ve faced? Probably more than you’ve imagined.

Here’s a song I want you, dear reader, to listen to right now. If you have known the lyrics (whether Korean or translated) from the song “Alright”, you’ll notice that Eunhyuk’s rap has the names of all 11 members. No one is gonna cut out from that song,  because it’s published and it’s gonna exist for eternity. Music can be altered, but the original masterpiece will remain the same. Imagine if your children will sing along to this song. They will recite the names of the 11 members, and who knows they will recognize Hangeng, Kibum, Henry, and Zhoumi! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Hey! Leeteuk once said that even with their backs bent, they will still stand on stage! Super Junior will continue to stay strong and present in front of us! So let’s not give up hope!

If you have any words you wanna share about your thoughts and feelings about Super Junior, you can do so by emailing us at elfcan15@gmail.com. We will accept any form of writing! And you don’t have to be perfect in English. The most important thing, as I’ve learned as an aspiring writer for 23 years, is the words that come from your heart. We all have the heart and the right to express ourselves. Your words will reach out to someone else. How beautiful is that? 😉 So if you’re interested, send us what you want to say. It can be just a few sentences, an essay, a poem, a story…any form you desire!

Head admin

Michele Hii.

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Super Early Reminder on our 1st Project



Hi all! How’s your summer going so far? Since this year is Canada’s 150th birthday, hope you’re doing something exciting this summer! 😉

Anyway, I just want to remind you all that we’ve received updates on our first ever SuJu project. If you’ve read through the post from the “Projects” section, you probably have known about it. Just to recap, we’ll be collecting donations from ELF all over the world so that we can create:

  1. A number of advertisement videos in 30 branch areas in Seoul, South Korea.
  2. (If our donation goal hasn’t reached) An advertisement video in a cafe together with coffee cup holders given out to buyers.

The deadline is on September 23rd, but you can start donating right now! If you keep on waiting, the deadline will get closer and you will keep on forgetting to do so! So if you are willing to help with this project, please send us your donations through this PayPal account at mey28_lestari@yahoo.com. And in return, you wouldn’t want to miss out free gifts! Thanks to Indo-ELFs! We really hope that you will participate in order to get everyone excited about SuJu’s comeback this year. 😀 Fighting! ❤

Head admin

Michele Hii.

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