Screenshot from Ryeowook’s “The Little Prince” music video.

ELF CAN. It’s short for ELF Canada. It’s also a part of our motto “ELF can do anything.”

Hi! Welcome to the ELFCANada website! This website is dedicated to Super Junior fans in Canada, but it’s also for fans all over the world.

If you’re a part of the ELF family, let’s share our love for Super Junior together! Leeteuk, the leader of Super Junior, once said, “It’s not an END, but an AND”. To me, what makes Super Junior different from any other artists I’ve ever known is their love for fans. They thank ELF countless times, whether it’s just a simple thank you speech or a song dedicated just for ELF. Super Junior is still going strong today, so let’s keep on supporting them.

If you’re a curious person who happens to stumble by this page and you have no idea who or what the heck an ELF is, first of all, welcome. ^^ Second, let me explain a little bit on what an ELF is. And no, it’s not that magical creature with pointy ears. An ELF is short for Everlasting Friends; it’s the fandom name of a K-Pop group called Super Junior. So I know what your question is. Who the heck is Super Junior and how come I have never heard of such a name? Well, Super Junior is a Korean boy group that has been active since the year 2005. They’ve released songs of various genres (yes K-pop itself is divided into different genres) such as dance, ballad and trot. The group has 13 members, but they have two more members who are a part of the group’s sub-unit called Super Junior M (Mandarin). So that makes 15 of them. Each of the members have distinctive personalities and talents. They got to do countless activities as solo artists and as a group altogether, from hosting variety shows to acting in drama series and musicals to composing music to modeling for Korean and international brands.

But most importantly, Super Junior is known as the Kings of K-Pop. Why? Well, it’s because they’ve won a long list of awards based on their music and solo careers. You might have heard or watched the music video called “Sorry Sorry”,which was released back in the year 2009. Well, ever since that masterpiece came out, their popularity skyrocketed from Korea to other parts of Asia and then literally to many other countries.

Are you still here? Well, I might have to stop here,because I don’t want this to be a 5000 word post. Instead, it would be wonderful if you stick around with this website, because we will be posting stories from ELF all over the world based on their experiences with Super Junior from concerts, events, first encounters with the group’s music, and anything else. So, I would like to thank you for being on this journey with me. Stay tuned for more posts!


Head admin,

Michele Hii.


About ELF CANada

This is a fan site dedicated to Super Junior fans in Canada and all over the world.
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