Super Early Reminder on our 1st Project



Hi all! How’s your summer going so far? Since this year is Canada’s 150th birthday, hope you’re doing something exciting this summer! 😉

Anyway, I just want to remind you all that we’ve received updates on our first ever SuJu project. If you’ve read through the post from the “Projects” section, you probably have known about it. Just to recap, we’ll be collecting donations from ELF all over the world so that we can create:

  1. A number of advertisement videos in 30 branch areas in Seoul, South Korea.
  2. (If our donation goal hasn’t reached) An advertisement video in a cafe together with coffee cup holders given out to buyers.

The deadline is on September 23rd, but you can start donating right now! If you keep on waiting, the deadline will get closer and you will keep on forgetting to do so! So if you are willing to help with this project, please send us your donations through this PayPal account at And in return, you wouldn’t want to miss out free gifts! Thanks to Indo-ELFs! We really hope that you will participate in order to get everyone excited about SuJu’s comeback this year. 😀 Fighting! ❤

Head admin

Michele Hii.


About ELF CANada

This is a fan site dedicated to Super Junior fans in Canada and all over the world.
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