What our heart is made for?

What our heart is made for?

Quick poem written by Michele Hii.

Your heart is made

to love

to support

to cherish

to encourage

to energize

to care for

to inspire

to sacrifice for

to live for

Super Junior

I know that the fandom is so messed up recently, but I want to remind you all that we as ELF have to remain loyal to Super Junior. Whatever decision they’ve made, that’s the decision they are after. Whether we like it or not, we need to support them wholeheartedly. Super Junior has sacrificed so much. They’ve tried their best to hold their ground. Their comeback is coming, so we have to give everything we got to remind them that we are still here to support them. I’m not forcing you, I’m encouraging you. Can you look back and count how many challenges they’ve faced? Probably more than you’ve imagined.

Here’s a song I want you, dear reader, to listen to right now. If you have known the lyrics (whether Korean or translated) from the song “Alright”, you’ll notice that Eunhyuk’s rap has the names of all 11 members. No one is gonna cut out from that song,  because it’s published and it’s gonna exist for eternity. Music can be altered, but the original masterpiece will remain the same. Imagine if your children will sing along to this song. They will recite the names of the 11 members, and who knows they will recognize Hangeng, Kibum, Henry, and Zhoumi! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Hey! Leeteuk once said that even with their backs bent, they will still stand on stage! Super Junior will continue to stay strong and present in front of us! So let’s not give up hope!

If you have any words you wanna share about your thoughts and feelings about Super Junior, you can do so by emailing us at elfcan15@gmail.com. We will accept any form of writing! And you don’t have to be perfect in English. The most important thing, as I’ve learned as an aspiring writer for 23 years, is the words that come from your heart. We all have the heart and the right to express ourselves. Your words will reach out to someone else. How beautiful is that? 😉 So if you’re interested, send us what you want to say. It can be just a few sentences, an essay, a poem, a story…any form you desire!

Head admin

Michele Hii.


About ELF CANada

This is a fan site dedicated to Super Junior fans in Canada and all over the world.
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