Project- Save Dara’s Life

As a fan of Super Junior and an ELF, the community is quite big and we tend to meet a lot of new people! But it has come to our attention that one of our fellow ELFs needs all the support she can receive.


Dara Kozenko

Russian ELF Dara Kozenko (38) has been struggling with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis her whole life, a disorder that affects her joints and leaves her unable to walk. As a grown woman, Dara is completely confined to the walls of her home and is only able to move with the difficulty of crutches. As her condition continues to deteriorate, the only option for her is to undergo surgery or amputate her legs. Dara still has a bright future ahead and her most cherished dream is to get rid of the pain and have a good night rest. Despite the suffering and ordeals Dara undergoes, she is still a cheerful person. Not too long ago, like many others who are reading, Dara fell in love with Korean and is keen on the language, music, and culture. She dreams of going to Yesung’s concert and being free of this disease that has deprived her of a normal life.


So, how are you able to help? First and foremost we ask of you to please read more about Dara’s situation and learn more about what she is going through. We would greatly appreciate if you could spread the word by reposting and liking posts related to this. Lastly, if you are able, we would be extremely thankful if you could donate money and help look for clinics so Dara will be able to receive surgery. Thank you for listening and please spread the word (SHARE, LIKE, RETWEET, REBLOG, etc) so we can help Dara, anything is greatly appreciated!

Dara’s Twitter

Dara’s Instagram

Dara’s VK Blog

Dara’s Email


Emily (Elfnim9)


About ELF CANada

This is a fan site dedicated to Super Junior fans in Canada and all over the world.
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