Super Junior 2017 Comeback 


Hi, everyone! So here’s our first project details! Thanks to the Indonesian ELF fan base for planing this to support SuJu’s 2017 come back!

So the plan is to make an advertisement video in 70 branch stores of gs25 in Seoul. The advertisements will be visible for one month. Every fan base representing their country for this project must donate 250 US dollars.

However, if the amount for the ads video hasn’t reached by the deadline (which will be on September 24th), the backup plan for this project will be giving away 1000 cup holders with Super Junior designs on them. Customers can buy drinks with the SuJu cup holders while watching an advertisement video that will be set up in the cafe for one week.

The Indonesian fan base will update us with more details. We’ll definitely update on it as soon as more of this project has announced. 🙂


Attached above is the extra details of the project! Donations have to be according to the ones listed above ($5, $10, or $20). You can get gifts in exchange of the donations (see above). Donations can be sent through Paypal with this email address ( Comment below, email to us, or tweet us @ELFCANada15 if you have any questions! We hope that you can participate in this project to support Super Junior’s comeback! Fighting! 🙂

3rd School under Super Junior in Africa!

SJ Charities project

SJ Charities team has decided to open a third school in Africa under the name of Super Junior! And guess what? ELFCANada will be a part of this project! I’ve always wanted Canada to be in the list of countries for this school building project, and now it’s happening! 😀

According to one of the representatives of SJ Charities, there is no limit on how much you want to donate. The deadline is in October, so take your time to think on the amount you want to donate for this project!

Further details of this project will be available soon, so stay tuned! ^^